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    SOLVED: PS pump screeching after new Rack and Pinion


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    SOLVED: PS pump screeching after new Rack and Pinion Empty SOLVED: PS pump screeching after new Rack and Pinion

    Post by SC400slide on Mon Mar 02, 2015 9:00 am

    92 SC400, the rack boot seals were seeping and the rack bushing was completely shot so I decided to just go all out and replace the rack myself. Too me WAY too long because I couldn't get the pinion shaft to go into the steering gear all of the way. Anyways I got it all buttoned up and filled with fluid. Started it up. It idled beautifully...for a few seconds. All the sudden the PS pump starts screaming as if it's starved of fluid. 

    I did the following:

    -Replaced the reservoir OUT hose and bracket ($105)

    -Replaced the reservoir IN lower hose ($22.50)

    -Drained, bled the brakes for a really long time

    -Removed, and cleaned the reservoir and filter from the inside out. 

    -Tightened all banjo bolts and the electronic variable orifice (EVO Solenoid integrated onto the rack itself) In some cases it will not come with the rack and can cost north of $700 to buy at the Lexus dealership

    I was about ready to give up. Power steering still wasn't operational and the rack was seeping ATF all over the place through the seals and banjo bolt fittings. Finally I found the issue. It was the EVO solenoid connector. It WAS broken, but I had fixed it early on. Turns out ATF and the connector don't mix. There was dirt and fluid all over the connector. Cleaned it with CRC connection cleaner and walls, it was fixed. Since the EVO solenoid controls the internal pressure of the steering gear, the seals immediately stopped leaking and everything was cherry. Get an alignment and I'm good to go.

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