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    Classifieds rules **** READ ME


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    Classifieds rules **** READ ME Empty Classifieds rules **** READ ME

    Post by SC400slide on Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:39 am

    Thank you for being apart of the community!

    Here in the classifieds forum, we have set some rules in cement to be followed. If violated, user will risk being banned and/or receiving an infraction or warning. 

    -You MUST have at least 10 posts AND a VOUCHER to sell your item!

    -Only items allowed for sale here is SC300, SC400, and LS400 parts! NOTHING ELSE IS PERMITTED!

    -Only 5 bumps per FS thread. After the 5th bump, your thread will be closed. 

    -You may ONLY post your item that was previously closed back up for sale some 15 days after it was closed!

    -Voucher must have a positive feedback of at least 1. Any negative feedback and user will be reviewed and possibly banned.

    These forum rules are strict. Abide by them or be banned. 

    Thank you for reading our forum rules!

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